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Promoting sustainable, organic food production practices.


Roimata Food Commons was formed to carry out the following aims:

1. To promote organic self-grown produce using permaculture principles to encourage community resilience.

2. To establish, operate and manage a community food garden and orchard at Radley Park in Woolston that integrates regeneration and support of native biodiversity.

3. To enhance community nutrition through increased awareness and consumption of self-grown fresh produce grown in the community gardens.

4. To promote, encourage and facilitate the involvement of schools and youth in the community in sustainable organic food production and the benefits of enhanced nutrition through the consumption of self-grown fresh produce. To facilitate their learning of food gardening techniques from experts and intergenerational education practice.


5. To encourage community members with physical and health disabilities to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of outdoor community gardening activities.

6. To increase awareness of and skills in sustainable, organic food production best practices through appropriate education and skills enhancement programmes. 

7. To encourage research and experimentation in organic food production models, methods and practices for long-term sustainable community food production gardens.

8. To strive to be a model community food production hub which creates climate change solutions through regenerative landscape enhancement best practice and set a new precedent for other such community gardens in New Zealand.

9. To promote the concept of community managed land as a Common, with reference to the City of Christchurch.

10. To create ways and means to alleviate the effects of poverty through promotion and education around self sufficiency.


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